1st  week

Introduction to the course

What is sociology? What is the content of urban sociology?

2nd week

The ecological approach and the Chicago School

3rd week

Theory of urban political economy

4th week

Urban change: Urbanization & the emergence of cities & industrialization & suburbanization

5th week

Metropolis & Post-metropolis

6th week

Urban classes  

7th week

Urban diversity & Urban culture & lifestyle

Social mobility & & subculture & social integration

Mid-Term Exam

8th week

Social institutitons & networks & social interaction

9th week

Social and spatial segregation

10th week 

The neighborhood effect

11th week

Urban problems: Urban poverty & race & gender & class

12th week

The context of Turkey: Urban social and spatial structure in Turkish cities

13th week

Basic techniques for sociological research

  • On-site observation
  • Interviews and questionnaires
  • Focus group

On-site observation and site analysis 

14th week

Field study : Site visits



  • To learn basic concepts and theories of urban sociology.
  • To develop a sociological insight for the formation and differentiation of social structures in cities.
  • To develop consciousness on the dynamics of urbanization process and societal structures in developed and developing countries and in different contexts.
  • To develop an understanding on different social theories and classical and contemporary debates to understand city and urban society.
  • To develop a consciousness on urban social problems (poverty, segregation, gender issues etc.), potentials (networks, organizations, interaction etc.) and dynamics that are in relationship with the formation of urban space.